Stan Lee
The world pays homage to Stan Lee

The comic community remembers Stan Lee with kind words and lots of memories and images.

By Eric Santos | almost 2 years

Stan Lee with spider-man
Stan Lee is more important than you know. Find out why !

Six reasons why Stan Lee is Stan Lee beyond the co creation of characters.

By Ryan Wright | almost 2 years

100 bullets vertigo comic
100 Bullets - Vertigo's best noir comic

Introduction to 100 bullets, Vertigo Battlehorse! A comic by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso

By Ryan Wright | almost 2 years

news of the week
5 news 1 minute - Most important news of the week !

Norm Breyfogle,The death of DD, Rocketter reborn, The marriage of Ben and Alicia!,DC announces 2 new maxi series.

By Eric Santos | about 2 years

batman day
Batman Day - Tribute to Batman

Take a look what Tom King, Enrico Marini, Tony S Daniel, Walta, Dan Jurgens and lots more posted on Batman Day!

By Eric Santos | about 2 years