Jamie Foxx as Spawn

The African-American actor will be the new Al Simmons in the anti-hero reboot created by Todd McFarlane

By Eric Santos | almost 2 years

Hit Girl has a great team!

No less than Jeff Lemire and Eduardo Risso come together for the new story arc of this Image series.

By Eric Santos | about 2 years

Locke & Key in Netflix!

The series created by Joe Hill, which has suffered so many attempts to be taken to the small screen, would finally come to fruition by the streaming signal

By Eric Santos | about 2 years

How much money did Brad Pitt received for Deadpool 2?

Hollywood superstar agreed to participate in the sequel led by Ryan Reynolds in exchange for something that still is hard to understand!

By Eric Santos | about 2 years

A chinese story

Along with an online reading platform, Marvel co-produces a line of comics starring Chinese superheroes ... which is in continuity with the Marvel Universe!

By Eric Santos | about 2 years