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Daytripper comic cover

STORY BY : Gabriel Bá, Fabio Moon

ART BY: Gabriel Bá, Fabio Moon

PAGES: 256

PUBLISHER :Vertigo Comics | February 2011

COVER PRICE : $19.99

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Daytripper is a masterpiece, so good that it is difficult to explain. Let's try.

Daytripper, consists of 10 chapters. The story is about the life of Brás de Oliva Domingos, a chronicler of obituaries. In each chapter we see a key moment in the life of the protagonist, from tender moments of his childhood and his first and crazy love to having his first child.

These series of stories do not follow a chronological order in his life, it jumps in the time line of his life. Each episode ends with the death of Brás. We see him die at age 76, at 11, and a lot more times in the middle.

What elevates this story to the Olympic Podium is the way Moon and Bá tell us what happens in each episode. Brás's stories are pure slice of life. Everything happens in the current Brazil, magnificently portrayed.

In the comic, there are loose ends just like in real life. Love stories that do not materialize, secrets that are not revealed, rare attitudes of friends or relatives that one never comes to understand because of course, at the end of each chapter death happens, Brás dies in unexpected ways, and everything is  left truncated,  half-resolved. Also like real life, the conflicts are light weighted. The interesting thing is how they manage to get us into Bras's skin, live his life, suffer and enjoy with him as we read the story.

The drawing is amazing. The Twins draw mixed, and only sometimes you can notice which vignettes are Gabriel's and which are Fábio's. 

The strongest point is the narrative. The flashbacks are perfectly placed, the transitions are brilliant, the dream sequences are exquisite.

Daytripper is a wonderful work, one of those comics that you don’t want to finish but at the same time you can’t stop reading it. 

Read it and I promise you will not be the same when you finish it.

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