Avengers Forever

By Staff | 2018-12-20

Avengers Forever

STORY BY : Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern

ART BY: Carlos Pacheco

PAGES: 328

PUBLISHER :Marvel Comics | October 2018

COVER PRICE : $29.99

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This TPB collects Avengers Forever #1-#12 by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern and Carlos Pacheco.

We are talking of 328 pages of pure erudition of the history of the Avengers. If you are new in reading Avengers I would suggest starting with something else and not this TPB. You won’t understand half of what is happening even though at the end you have a list of the many different references that are in the comic. This story is meant for readers that have a big baggage on Avengers. We have a main plot that is complex that involves Kang, Immortus and a lot of different trans dimensional / time travel problems. 

Busiek delivers a story that catches you from the very beginning, with a lot of action and a correct development of characters. He even throws some bleach to wash out some problems in the Avengers continuity, fruit of years of stories from different authors and without even having to reboot the entire universe! Isn’t that amazing?

The art of Carlos Pacheco could be compared to George Perez’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Combats between hundreds of characters, stunning backgrounds, faces with real expressions…everything becomes spectacular in the hands of Pacheco.

If you are not a neophyte of the Avengers, but a long-time follower and you have not read this story yet, do not hesitate. You will enjoy every single frame! 

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All images courtesy of Marvel Comics

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