Batman The Black Mirror

By Staff | 2018-07-22

Batman The black mirror TPB cover

STORY BY : Scott Snyder

ART BY: Jok, Franceso Francavilla

PAGES: 304

PUBLISHER :DC Comics | February 2013

COVER PRICE : $16.99

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This volume collects Detective Comics #871-881, before the reboot of the New 52 ( which was already rebooted again with Rebirth). This is a fantastic mystery story, having Gordon family a particular prominence.. Is the debut of Scott Snyder on Batman. Accompanied by Jok and  Francesco Francavilla.

This book is an instant classic. Is among the best Batman stories ever published. The strange thing is that the man behind the mask is Dick Greyson instead of Bruce Wayne. This is an important thing to notice because proves that we don’t need Bruce Wayne to have a meaningful story of Batman. Another highlight for those that don’t follow Batman closely is that you don’t need to have all the baggage of knowing the Bat family and all the current whereabout of the heroes that inhabit Gotham. All you need to know to fully enjoy this story is explained in a couple of paragraphs in the first page.

This TPB needs to be considered as graphic novel, separated in arcs of 2 or 3 issues with back-ups stories that gradually grow in intensity and importance. Slowly you start to understand as you read it, that everything is connected and by the time Snyder is ready for the final act, you are completely hooked. The characters are dark, unpredictable, extremely disturbing, in tune with Gotham environment.

The drawings are in charge of Jok and Franceso Francavilla, having each own his own style. Both are far above from average cartoonist. I loved the interpretation of Gotham of Jok, the way there are always bats around when Batman is in the outdoors. His work, while being very good, pales in front of Francavilla. What Francavilla delivers is outstanding. He has a style very similar to David Mazzuchhelli. The colors are from another planet, a majestic display of talent.

Finally, this TPB has some extras that are quite interesting, specially the page development of Francavilla’s work.

Francavilla is an artist to follow closely and Scott Snyder deserves to be in Batman podium of best writers. This is a must-have for the shelves.

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All images courtesy of DC Comics

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