Check Out Bill Sienkiewicz new site!

the raw power of Sienkiewicz art

By Eric Santos | 2018-06-11

Daredevil Vs Elektra - By Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz released his new site  and let me tell you, is stunning.

The quality of his work is well known for everyone but those paintings! Oh My!

If you don’t want to have them all, you are in the wrong place pal!

Elektra By Bill Sienkiewicz


The New Mutants - Assasin Bear - By Bill SienkiewiczDark Knight Returns cover By Bill SienkiewiczThe Walking Dead Cover By Bill Sienkiewicz


Also take a minute to see the you tube video, and you will be able to see his studio, the studio of a real artist.

I already warned you, New Mutants movie is on the way, so his original art might skyrocket.

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