FF By Jonathan Hickman Vol 1

By Staff | 2018-08-02

FF vol 1 TPB cover

STORY BY : Jonathan Hickman

ART BY: Steve Epting,Barry Kitson

PAGES: 136

PUBLISHER :Marvel Comics | March 2012

COVER PRICE : $19.99

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This volume collects FF #1-5. Although the numeration is rebooted, this volume continues the story we left behind in Fantastic Four Volume 4. Hickman explores superficially the consequences of the death of Johnny Storm, to focus on what he is most interested in: the multidimensional plot with the Reed Richards of several alternative realities.

In these five episodes we noticed lack of action, pages populated by heroes and villains without a single punch or kick. The plot moves slowly, brutally decompressed by a Hickman who is much more interested in giving thickness to the mysteries than to resolve the conflicts. We have a splendid work in the construction of characters and the members of the Future Fundation, whose objective is to make a better world, of course. This is an excellent silver age type idea.

As for the drawings, we have Steve Epting and Barry Kitson. Both with good quality, considering how hard it must have been drawing such a complex script. The colorist is Paul Mounts, that performs very well with both styles.

Overall this collected edition feels that is missing a second or even a third volume. Maybe it would make more sense to have it collected in a volume of 12 issues but it isn't. I recommend to start reading this volume if you have FF vol 2 in hand to continue the reading. 

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