Fantastic Four Invasion!

We show you all the variant covers starred by The Fantastic Four.

By Eric Santos | 2018-06-29

Fantastic 4 variant cover

We long for the Fantastic Four. They were absent for 3 years and now to make it up, Marvel is going to flood the shelves with the most beloved family in the Marvel Universe!

August 8 is no regular date. That day, my friends, is the day we will see the Fantastic Four again in a new regular series. To celebrate this, Marvel launched a set of variant cover of their regular series with a Fantastic Four motive. Check them out!

Fantastic Four #1 - Variant Artist Alex Ross

Astonishing X-Men #14 - Variant Artist Adam Kubert

Avengers #6 - Variant Artist Jhon Cassaday

Captain America #2 - Variant Artist Travis Charest



Deadpool #3 - Variant Artist Rob Liefeld

Doctor Strange #4 - Variant Artist  David Aja

Fantastic Four #1 - Variant Artist Mark Brooks

Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends #1 - Variant Artist Steve McNiven

Immortal Hulk #4 - Variant Artist Art Adams

Marvel 2 in1 #9-  Variant Artist  Alan Davis

Sentry #3 - Variant Artist Phi lNoto

The Amazing Spider-man #3 - Variant Artist Steve Epting

The Amazing Spiderman #4 -Variant Artist Chris Sprouse

The life of Captain Marvel #2 - Variant Artist Humberto Ramos

The Punisher #1 - Variant Artist Salvador Larroca

Thor #4 - Variant Artist Bryan Hitch

Tony Stark Iron Man #3 - Variant Artist Adam Hughes

Venom #5 - Variant Artist Gerardo Zaffino

Weapon H #6 - Variant Artist  J. Scott Campbell

X-Men Red #7 - Variant Artist  David Marquez

And last but not least X-23 #3 - Variant Artist Carlos Pacheco

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