Finally, the second volume of L’Ancien temps

It passed almost ten years since the first and last appearance of this majestic medieval fantasy story.

By Jamie Kane | 2018-07-14

L’Ancien temps vol no 2 cover

The French publishing company, Gallimard announced that in August we will have the volume 2 of this story titled “ Puisque tout le monde veut la guerre” o in english, “because everybody goes to war.   The only thing we know of this second volume is that will have 104 pages, 40 pages less than the previous volume and that Brigitte Findakly is going to be the colorist. 

Sadly, this saga is not translated in English, but is a comic and if you try I bet you will understand it, Like I sure you did with Aspirine 

If you never got a chance to read this author, there are some other works of this author in English:


Here is a preview of the first volume so you can check the style of this amazing artist.


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