Iron Fist The Living Weapon Complete Collection

By Eric Santos | 2019-04-23

Iron Fist The Living Weapon Complete Collection

STORY BY : Karee Andrews

ART BY: Kaare Andrews

PAGES: 272

PUBLISHER :Marvel Comics | January 2017

COVER PRICE : $34.99

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon The complete collection, compiles the series of 12 episodes that was made entirely by the Canadian Kaare Andrews between 1024 and 2015. 272 pages of pure magic.

This is a grandiose, penetrating adventure, in which Andrews delights us with an endless succession of fights against ninjas, androids and monks. Not only everything is drawn excellent with a style that reminds us of Frank Miller, but also it has a character development that respects the previous mythology of the Iron Fist.

Andrews has total control over this story and is free to experiment with the narrative. We see a six pages long splash screen where we see Iron Fist smash the head of a villain with a punch! The structure, the climates, the level of violence, everything is excellent.

What Kaare Andrews does in terms of narrative and color is more than enough to pick up this comicbook . I think It's the best thing that happened to the character after the run of Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker.

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All images courtesy of Marvel Comics

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