Locke & Key in Netflix!

The series created by Joe Hill, which has suffered so many attempts to be taken to the small screen, would finally come to fruition by the streaming signal

By Eric Santos | 2018-05-29

For some years, the IDW Locke & Key comic has gone through different stages of adaptation to film and TV but now Netflix could finally be the final destination of this production.

Written by Joe Hill, a pseudonym under which the son of Stephen King is hidden, and drawn by the Chilean Gabriel Rodríguez, Locke & Key focuses on the Keyhouse mansion, located in the town of Lovecraft, Massachussets, where a series of doors are capable of transporting and transforming those who cross them in a forceful way.

Until now, all attempts to adapt this story to TV (or at least to streaming) were in vain, with Hulu as the last interested in carrying out the task. Fortunately, the Netflix vacuum cleaner - now that it stays at the end of the year without an agreement with Marvel - absorbs everything it sees so Locke & Key has a new home.

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