New series for Catwoman

Former villain and future wife of Batman will have once again it's own series, in charge of Joelle Jones.

By Eric Santos | 2018-05-01

The 4th of July will undoubtedly be a key day for Catwoman and her fans. Not only goes on sale the 50th Batman, where we will see Selina join in marriage with his ex-archenemy, but also that day will be published the number 1 of a new regular series that has the Gotham cat as the sole protagonist.

First you have to read the Batman No. 50 and then yes, go into this new monthly series, where the remarkable Joelle Jones will officiate as a scriptwriter and draftsman, together with the consecrated colorist Laura Allred. The story starts when Selina Kyle finds out that there is a new criminal in Gotham that operates under the alias of Catwoman, and decides to stop her. Before the wedding night is over, Selina will be back on the streets, stuck in a plot that involves the underworld, Gotham police and a new villain.

If Joelle Jones is not fading after the first story arc, it can be an interesting series to follow.

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