Rock and comics ! Top 5 stories

We selected a list of comics whose theme is rock!

By Staff | 2018-12-13


Comics and Rock always walked in the same sideway. We have comics of Kiss, Metallica and of course, we have the rock star Gerard Way from my Chemical romance that publishes in DC. We wanted to give you a selection of comics whose theme is around Rock.

1 Garage Band

Created by the italian author Gipi. The story is about teenagers that form a band and the challenges they face as through the world of Rock. Published in English in 2007 .  
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2 Solanin

Is a manga from Inio Asano, published in 2008 by VIZ Media. In this coming of age story, we have a female protagonist that is involved in the world of Rock . 

3 Mondo Urbano

Published by Oni Press in 2010. The comic was first serialized in a blog. The story is about a guitar possessed by the devil an a musician that makes an unholy pact to get the guitar.
Created by Mateus Santalouco, Eduardo Madeiros and Rafael Albuquerque.

Highly recommended!

4 Nocturno

Published in French in 2009 by Paquet, is a story of a rock star that comes back from the death. The author is Tony Sandoval.  Sadly, this comics hasn’t been translated in English. 

5 27

You already know that 27 is a very significative number in Rock. The age that Hendrix, Cobain, Morrison and Amy Winehouse died. I don't need to explain you then why Charles Soule and Renzo Podesta chose that title. The comic was published by Image in two volumes in 2010 and 2011. The story is about a Rock Star that injures his hand and get super Powers.  The second volume is about rock stars that have only one hit and slowly fade away.


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