Young Animal Dies

With Doom Patrol in a hiatus, the rest of the titles of the line lead by Gerard Way comes to an end in August.

By Eric Santos | 2018-05-11

As always, good last doesn't last. Less than two years ago DC announced the creation of the line Young Animal. Now, the announced the end of it in August. 

Gerard Way, musician , author and alma mater of Young Animal, announced that in August ends Shade the Chaning Woman, Caver Carson has an Interstellar Eye, Mother Panic and Eternity Girl. But 

Gerard Way, músico, guionista y alma mater de Young Animal, anunció que en Agosto se terminan Shade the Changing Woman, Cave Carson has an Insterstellar Eye, Mother Panic y Eternity Girl. But he didn't discarded that in a future they might appear again.

In fact, he confirmed that Doom Patrol ( the series he writes, drawn by Nick Derington) is going to come back, as soon as they catch up with the deliveries where they had a brutal delay. 

"Young animal is over", Way said. “We are going to have more news when Doom Patrol comes back”.

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