Ryan Wright

Origin of Superman's birthday
Origin of Superman's birthday

Find out why Superman was born in a leap year!

By Ryan Wright | 3 months

Asterix and Obelix
Astérix The Gaul

Meet one of the top comic franchises in the world!

By Ryan Wright | 9 months

Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol - Craziness at its best

Discover why the Doom Patrol refuses to die!

By Ryan Wright | 10 months

The many Captain Marvel
The many Captain Marvel

The story on how Superman helped create Carol Danvers and it’s consequences.

By Ryan Wright | about 1 year

Sandman - A celebration of Vertigo's 25 years
Sandman - Vertigo's battle horse

Let's take a tour on the mythical work of Neil Gaiman, which captivates readers of all genders and ages.

By Ryan Wright | over 1 year